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Qixinhe Everglade Natural Reserves

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This scenic spot belongs to the protection zone of inland everglade and ecological water area system. With a complete primitive everglade ecological system, it’s an epitome of the primitive everglade ecological system in Sanjiang Plain of the northeast of China. There are 386 kinds of wild plants, 381 kinds of spermatophytes in the protection zone, accounting 40% of the total types of the plants in Sanjiang Plain. Besides the reed and swamp, there are large areas of muskeg and swamp meadow in the protection zone. There are banana-plant, Yujiu flower, tail algae, spatterdock, and the rare wild soybean which is in imminent danger. Among the more than160 kinds of wild animals, 25 water animals, there are six kinds of top-grade national protection animals, seventeen kinds of secondary-grade national protection animals, constituting a huge gene storeroom of the wild animal. In the environment of blue sky, glittering water, green sea of grass, and the red -crowned cranes and big swans are flying in the sky, the wild ducks are playing in the river, various kinds of birds singing and flying, forming a happy heaven for the birds to live and multiply. When the sun set down with brilliant shine in the vacant and tranquil place of water, this place become charming natural scenery—the glittering river is bathing in the sunshine.

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there is no direct bus from Baoqing County to this scenic spot, people should employ chartered buses for going there and the condition of the road is not desirable.

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Scenic characteristics: watching the birds and the scenery of the everglade, spending holidays and relaxing are the characteristic activities here The best time for touring: April, May, June by bike

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