Guangwu Town

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The old Guangwu Ancient Town locates in the south part of the Guangwu Han Dynasty’s Mausoleum, which is 40 kilometers away from Shanying County in the south. The ancient town is one of the towns that is preserved best in Shanxi Province. It is standing at the port grandly, facing the inner Great Wall in the south, bordering the new Guangwu Town in the east, neighboring the Guanggu Town of Han Ying in the north and connecting the relics of Yanmen Gate in Liao Dynasty. It is the significant area where wars between Han Nationality and the minority in the northern part of China happened in history. The buildings of the two sides face each other seriously, so do the beacon towers. With all the buildings and the beacon towers, a system of war defending which is firm and intact came into being. The system still shows us the atmosphere of the closely linked fortifications in the ancient battle field.

The new Guangwu Town was built in Hongwu Seventh year in Ming Dynasty. It was rebuilt in the third year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty. The town is three li and more girth (li is the Chinese length unit). The area where the new Guangwu Town locates is the first place fought for by military armies ever since the ancient time. In Han Dynasty, the area was administrated by Yingguan County Yanmen Shire. In the third year of Hanjing Emperor, Yingguan County was set. In the period of East Han Dynasty, Yanmen Shire has been set here, which demonstrated that the geographical location of this area was very important. The area is near the mountains which are strategically dangerous. Guangwu Town is standing grandly at front of Yanmen Gate. In Han Dynasty, county and shire were set here. Soldiers were guarding here, which effectively prevent the Hun from invading to the south. Up until Ming Dynasty, in order to forbid Mongolian from invading and disturbing, Ming Dynasty started to construct the Great Wall at great scale at the early time. The large project has been almost completed at the middle and late times of Ming Dynasty. Many castles still distribute in and outside along the Great Wall. The new Guangwu Town is one of the castles. This kind of castle on the margin of the country carried out the activity of planting at usual time and going to fight at war time. At peaceful time, the castle can also carries out the economical function of marketing and monopolizing.

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there are traveling buses in the urban area directly leading to Yingxian County.

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