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Shuozhou Ancient Town

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The ancient Shuozhou Town built in North Qi Dynasty and Shuozhou Town built at the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty both stands grandly between the outer Great Wall and the inner Great Wall beyond the Yanmen Pass. The town connects Inner Mongolian area in the north and controls the three passes, Yanmen Pass, Pianguan Pass and Ningwu Pass. There are roads leading to Dayi, Dai Yuanping and other counties, which were significant passes in the border area in the ancient time. The area not only can support Da Tong City but also defend all the Shanxi Province. It is the first place that military armies fight for in all the different dynasties.

The exact time when the ancient town was built is recorded in The History of Shuozhou City. It was built in Tianbao Eighth Year of North Qi Dynasty (557). The town is nine li and thirteen meters around with walls constructed with earth. The town was acknowledged by Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Liao Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, etc. It has a history of 1,439 years. It was rebuilt on the basis of the old site of Mayi Town of Qing Dynasty and Han Dynasty. At the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, half of the northwestern wall was excluded. The southeastern wall of the town of North Qi Dynasty was used to rebuild Shuozhou City. In Hongwu Third Year of Ming Dynasty (1370), the wall was covered with bricks.

The ancient town of North Qi Dynasty is in the form of rectangle. It is 1,800 meters from the north to the left and 1,600 meters from the south to the north. It covers an area of 2.88 million square meters in total. The present wall of the town is about 8 meters high. The width of the bottom of the town is about 15 meters and that of the top is about 10 meters. The structure of the buildings on top of the town wall can not be clearly found now.

Shuozhou City which was built at the end of Yuan Dynasty and at the beginning of Ming Dynasty was in the southwest of North Qi Town. The wall of Shuozhou City was 12 meters high, and the battlement is 2 meters high. Therefore the town wall is 14 meters high in total. The town is 4,000 meters in girth. There are four enceintes of city gates, four watchtowers at the corner of the city wall, 12 defending towers, 4 gate buildings and 4 chimney buildings. There four gates. The eastern gate is called Wen De Gate, the western gate is called Wu Ding Gate, the southern gate is called Cheng En Gate and the northern gate is called Zhen Sai Gate. All the buildings, except the southern town wall, the gates, the western wall, and the enceintes of city gates, have been destroyed. The distribution of the streets inside the city is almost the same as before.

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The traffic within the area of Shuocheng District leading to the Tourist Spot is very convenient. Once can also rent a taxi to get there.

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