Shuozhou Travel Guide

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Shuozhou Overview

The city of Shuozhou locates in the northern part of Shanxi Province. It is a newly developed industrial city inspired by the local energy. Shuozhou City borders with the south part of Datong Basin and neighbors Plateau of the Inner Mongol in the northwest. It lies in the combination department of the economic area of the western and eastern of our country, which is the only road leading to Plateau of the Inner Mongol from Shanxi province.

Shuozhou City is rich in its tourist resources in various forms. The humanistic tourist resources of the city are unique with significant value. Of all the humanistic tourist resources, the ancient architecture Chongfu Temple built in Liao and Jin Dynasty is powerful, classical and graceful. Yingxian Wooden Tower boasts magnificent appearance and exquisite structure. Guangwu out of the Yanmen Pass is in special style. The Great Wall in and outside is zigzagging up and down. Han Dynasty’s Mausoleum is well-known. Besides, there is also a modern open air mine in Pingshuo’an Great Fort, which is famous in and abroad, and Kengkou Electricity Plant which is largest in North China.

All the famous towns in Jin Dynasty are well protected and blessed by Dafo Temple. Shuozhou is another case. Chongfu Temple in grand scale in East Street of southern Shuozhou Town was originally built in the Dynasty of Tang and repaired in Jin Dynasty. The temple is a Key Cultural Relic Unit under State Protection. If the Buddhism temple lies in the mountain, it will emphasis on cultivating the moral character of people inside but ignores influencing the common people. If the Buddhism temple lies in the center of the urban area, it will integrate the two responsibilities of cultivating moral character and enlightening the common people very well.