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Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum

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The Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum is one of the most frequented destinations in Siping. This may look like any ordinary structure which graciously sits along the street but the significance of this building for Machu history and culture is recognized across the globe. 
It was initially completed in 1985. However it was only in 1992 when its operations commenced and the structure opened up for public. The total area which is occupied by the building sums up to 1,350 square meters. People who will be visiting this place can explore the seven different partitions of the entire Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum. Hence, the day trip will definitely be filled with so much excitement. 
In all of China, the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum is recognized to have the best and most impressive exhibits and relics which are from the Manchu Dynasty. This is a place which is not just perfect for entertainment of guests but also opens up their eyes about the rich heritage of this place. 
A lot of tourists from different parts of China, as well as other countries go to Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum. In March 1995, the Siping Party Committee plus the Government of Chinese Communists recognized this place as the main base for patriotic teachings. Hence, it also serves a significant role in today’s politics in China. Aside from that, even the education sector paved importance to the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum, labeling it as the base for Social Sciences Library of Jilin Province. 

Things to Do 

Exploration of Interior

Visitors of the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum are mesmerized by this location not only because of the relics and exhibits. Before they even get the chance to see these, they are already captivated by its vast interior. 
Exploration of the different parts of the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum is a must. Among the halls which tourists can check out include the production area, living area, culture area, etiquette area and the space which is dedicated for Yitong of today. 

Witnessing Old Traces of Manchu

Since this place is recognized as the birthplace of Manchu, the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum also showcases a lot of items which unveils the past and present. A section of the building is dedicated for sculptures, charts and photos which can be dated back to ancient China. 
There are also artifacts and memorabilia which feature the early inhabitants of this place. Some of the possessions of families are handed down to the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum for caring and exhibition. Among the items which the museum has been keeping are family books, genealogy and amnesty papers which belong to locals who have resided within Yitong area several decades ago. 
There are also items inside the museum which showcase religion. There are earthen wares and other items which have been used by ancient Chinese for their worshipping rituals. More specifically, the museum exhibits some of the items which have been handed down to them by the Shaman group. 
Even handicrafts and other artistic creations are also being shown in the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum. 
All in all, there are more than 3,000 items inside the Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum. When categorized, there are 310 classifications for all their exhibits. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in Yitong Town of Manchu Autonomy County of Siping City in Jilin Province.

How to Get There?

Take the Changchun -Yingchengzi Speedway and then turn southward for one kilometer from the Yitong exit. Pass by the Yitong Renmin Bridge and this is about 200 meters from the museum.

Ticket Price:

30 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Though public transportation is available and buses only costs 1 CNY from the main city to Yitong Manchu Folk Custom Museum, it is recommended to have a personal vehicle when going to this place. Afterall, there is a nearby parking space for visitors which are free of charge. 

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