Chagan Lake Natural Reserve

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A brief introduction to the scenery spot:

Chagan Lake is a large water moor, which is also called Chagan Zhuoer. The lake is connecting to the three lakes, Xindian Lake, Xinmiao Lake and Kuli Lake, which are in the nearby. It is one of the ten most famous fresh water lakes in China. Chagan Lake is also the largest landlocked lake in Jilin Province. The lake is 37 kilometers long from the north to the south and 17 kilometers side from the east to the west. The bank of the lake is winding in various forms. It is as long as 128 kilometers. The environment surrounding the lake is very elegant and attractive. The sights nearby are beautiful and delicate. It is the famous base of fishery industry, reed products and natural tourist sites in Jilin Province.

The natural reserve covers an area as large as 480 square kilometers. The core area of the natural reserve locates in Xindian Lake, where thick reeds grow all over. Xindian Lake is one of the main sites where the birds inhabit. While the transition area lies from the area of Jiaxinzi Island in Chagan Lake northward to the water area of Xindian Lake. And the production experimental area lies in the water areas of Xinmiao Lake (Xinmiao means new temple), Kuli Lake, Lingjiao (Lingjiao means water chestnut) Lake and the southern area of Jiaxinzi Island Chagan Lake.

As the never ending jobs of protecting environment go on and on, the area where plants are growing and forests are forming is increasing year by year. The vegetation of the whole area is recovered as before. The broken bank of the lakes is repaired and reconstructed. The amount of the birds is obviously increasing. The State Key Birds under Protection such as Chinese goosanders, white swans etc come to the natural reserve to inhabit and multiply year after year.

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How to Get There?
One can take the tourist bus in Songyuan City leading directly to Chagan Lake. The price of the ticket is 5 RMB.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
Chagan Lake Natural Reserve opens from 8:00 to 18:00.

More Tips:
Tips: 1、The tourists hot seasons of Chagan Lake are winter and summer. The winter hunting in Chagan Lake is unique all over the world. Many people from foreign countries and domestic China all come to enjoy winter hunting on hearing its good evaluation. In summer, the water grasses are beautiful and luxuriant. The grasses spread all over the water which is broad and above which there are so much water vapor that a mirage is forming. In winter, ducks and wild goose inhabit among the reeds which are dancing slightly. Under the reeds a lot of fish are playing with the waves. The scenery in summer is quite different from that in winter. 2、Chagan Lake Hotel which is designed at the level of three star locates beside the lake. The hotel is the ideal place where people can stay when they are traveling and on holiday. Chagan Lake Mongolian Folk Village lies in the central area of the holiday village. It is consist of seven modern Mongolian yurts and ten traditional yurts, which are very distinctive with national characters. There are many hotels running by fisherman’s family where people can live and eat without going out. It is clean and sanitary. 3、Chagan Lake is abundant in its fishery industry resources. The lake also provide tourist with rich resources of delicious food. Banquet with all dishes of fish cook in different way is the great distinctive food in the area of Chagan Lake.

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