Songyuan Travel Guide

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Songyuan Overview

The city of Songyuan lies in the middle and west part of Jilin Province. It locates in the south of Songnen Plain, on the bank of Songhua River which is beautiful and fertile. The city covers an area of 22,034 square kilometers. It administrates one district and four countries, Ningjiang County, Fuyu County, Former Guoer Luosi Mongolian Autonomy County, Changling County and Qian An County. The population of the City is 2 million 760 thousand. There are 31 nationalities such as Han Nationality, Mongolian, Manchurian, Hui Nationality, Korean Nationality, etc.

The city of Songyuan lies in the south of Songnen Plain, in which the quality of the soil is fertile and the typography plain. The forest on the plain is prosperous. The grassland there is broad. The agricultural resources there are very rich. It is well-known in and abroad for its high yield of crops, such as high-quality corn broomcorn, soybean, rice, sunflower, sugar beet, etc. The one district and four counties administrated by the city of Songyuan are all the national and provincial basis of foodstuff. There are rich varieties of minerals in the City of Songyuan, where large amount of minerals are yield. The main minerals which have been discovered now are petroleum, natural oil, oil shale, etc.

Rivers run across all over Songyuan City and lakes distribute here and there in the city. Therefore hydraulic water resource of the city is extremely affluent. It is one of the rare cities which do not lack of water in China. It is famous for its three large rivers, one river and one lake. The well known Songhua River, Second Songhua River, Nenjiang River and Lalin River all run through Songyuan City. Chagan Lake in the northwest of the city is one of the ten great lakes of fresh water in China.

Songyuan City not only boasts tourist resources of natural sceneries, cultural relics and humanistic sights, but is also in possession of tourist resources of serac scenery, folk custom, industry scenes, agricultural scenes and urban sceneries, etc. The serac scenes, grasslands, wet lands, and forests in Songyuan City are widely regarded as excellent tourist resources in the world. In the city, there are several ancient relics, ancient mausoleum, steles with carvings of the old time and post roads of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty which leading to Central Plains (comprising the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe River). Of all the ancient relics, Detengtuo Eulogy of Jin Dynasty and Tahu Town Relics are national key relics units under state protection. The natural sights in Songyuan City are especially charming. In the mouth of Sanjiang River, the waves are as great as if thunder is coming and the water is very broad. Besides, the tide there is as active as to strike the bank in a big way and frequently. In Chagan Lake, fishes swim here and there, up and down. Sometimes they jump out of the water, and sometimes they dive down to the bottom of the lake. Qian’an earth forest is as magic as it is built by god. The earth forest is constructed as if by superlative craftsmanship.