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Shanmu River Scenic Area

Last updated by  at 2015/11/10

The Shanmu (in Chinese, shanmu means fir) River gets the name because its upriver area is place which produces firs. With a vertical drop of 640 meters within 44 kilometers, Shanmu River is considered as one of the best drifting places in China. The attraction is made of four parts: Shechong, Huangtu Nei, Zijin Guan, Jiangjia Tian, occupying 96 squares kilometers. Shanmu River water has curative effect from human, so it is also named Holy Spring Water.

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How to Get There?
It will take 60-80 yuan (round-trip) to hire a car to the drift place from Shibing County, and you can also bargain with the driver.

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More Tips:
The best time for drifting is between June and September. Sometimes October is also ok if the weather is good.

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