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Yintan Dong Village

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Yintan Dong Village is located 20 km north of the county town of Congjiang. A creek flows through the village. There are 354 households and about 1,700 people in the village. The village is surrounded by green mountains. At the gate to the village is a forest of Chinese yew trees. People build wood houses (those propped up by wooden supports with ladders leading up) among the green trees, and high drum tower among the houses. The folk customs are primitive and simple in the village, which is well known for its weaving culture and the marriage culture. The major festivals are Dong New Year, June Sixth Festival, the New Festival, Guzang (also called Gushe) Festival, and so on. The village is located near the national highway 321, so tourists can take a bus from the county town of Congjiang to go there.

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