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Zhang Ao Village

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Zhang'ao Village is located beside a highroad 7 km south of the county town of Leishan. Zhang'ao village is built in a col in the mountain and is known for the bronze drum and the bronze drum dance. Zhang'ao is called the cradle of Miao bronze drums, which are the musical instrument of Miao people and also the sacred object and totem of the ethnic group. Every Miao ethnic group offers sacrifice to a bronze drum. The 2 bronze drum grounds in the village can hold 2,000 people. Zhang'ao bronze drum dance is bold and straightforward, staunch and tender. The drumbeats are complex and changeable. There used to be 12 kinds of steps, and nowadays only 9 kinds remain. Every kind of step is made up of more than 50 kinds of dance movements. Among all the Miao villages, only people from Zhang'ao and Gaoyan villages can have this dance nowadays.

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