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Baofan Temple

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Baofan Temple,with a thousand year history, situated in Baofan town which is 15 kilometers west off Pengxi County, was built in Northern Song Dynasty called Arhat Yard. In the year of zhifengyuan(in 1064), Song Yingzong(the emperor), Zhao Shuchi, granted the title of “Baofan Temple”meaning the Saint Buddha. And it was rebuilt in the year of Taijingyuan. After the establishment of P.R. of China, the aged architect praised its dedicate design, rigid structure, graceful style, and steady foundation, and regarded it as excellent architecture of middle Ming Dynasty, for its area of 1852 square kilometers, and magnificent hall of Daxiong where boasts 87 mural paintings that is 181.5 square kilometers. These mural paintings won fame at home and abroad, which is respected as Chan Buddhism’s marvelous handwriting by religious circles, or praised as the great artist Wudaozi’s contribution by painting circle, or entitled as the typical mural paintings of Ming Dynasty by art world, or worshipped as mysterious paintings by the masses.

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By tourist bus at the Passenger Station of Pengxi County

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Recommended time for tourist: one hour

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