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Chicheng Lake

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Chicheng Lake in Suining City, a newly-built reservoir of man-made irrigation project, features in a blend of low hills, shallow mounds, rivers, lakes and the city, with the main themes of green mountains, clean rivers, forests and gardens, and the contents of the surface of the lake and mountain ranges. In general, it is a comprehensive attraction for sightseeing, convalescing and spending vacations, etc.

Chicheng Lake attraction consists of three spots. First, the city scenic spot mainly features in the view of the old town, historical relics and Memorial Place of Revolutionary Martyrs including Kui Ge, Jiu Gong,Ba Miao and White Tower and so on; second, the city charm mingles with gardens in Hushou Scenic spot, which is surrounded by mountains and woody forests; lastly, Chicheng Lake Scenic is famous as “Little West Lake” for the calm surface of the lake, green mountains and rivers, two of the three islands in the lake connecting to the banks by bridges, and pavilions with distinctive folk characteristics which fully exhibit the features of the lake and hills.

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How to Get There?
By tourist bus in Pengxi County of Suining City directly

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Opening Hours:
The whole day

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Recommendation time for tourist: the whole day

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