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Gaofeng Mountain

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 The mountain, towering into the sky alone, surrounded by middle mounds region within a hundred Li, is covered by a variety of trees among which are more than 5000 cypress trees planted hundreds of or thousands of years ago, and on both hillsides sweet spring water flows continuously. With fresh air and beautiful scenery, it is a good place to watch the sun rising from the East Sea in the morning and setting over the West Hill delightfully, for it is famous for the highest mountain in the region. 1300 years has passed since the Gaofeng Temple, also called Guangjiao Temple, was built in early Tang Dynasty. Besides, the mountain is regarded as a valuable land with a good geomantic omen for time immemorial. When standing on the mountaintop and looking around, one can see eight mountain ranges around it, like eight huge dragons looking back to Gaofeng Mountain. Gaofeng Temple, used to be a Buddhist temple, was changed into a Taoist temple since the Taoist Wang Yuanqing and his disciple Fan Yunfeng settled here to preach Taoism. 

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How to Get There?
By tourist bus in Pengxi County to arrive directly

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The whole day.

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Recommended time for tourist: half a day

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