The Porcelain Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining City

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In 1991 the largest stove porcelain hidden in Kiln was discovered in Golden Fish Village, the suburb of Suining City, with 985 pieces of porcelain from major kilns unearthed, every of which is almost the national rarity, including 29 pieces of first-grade state antiques, 200 pieces of second-grade state antiques and 500 pieces of third-grade state antiques. The Porcelain Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining City built on this discovery is the only special Porcelain Museum of Song Dynasty in our country, which exhibits the unique charm with its distinctive shape. Its exterior appearance is modeled on the cyan-glazed abdomen-shaped vase in Southern Song Dynasty, with the cyan-glazed jade color shimmering under the spring sunshine and the abdomen-shaped arch structure implying the conception of tolerance, which can be regarded as the classical design of the similar museums. In the Porcelain Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining City, there is one eminent plum vase cut with plums, the successful representative work of pale-green and plum-green glaze made by the master of Longquan Kiln in South Dynasty who abandoned the traditional lime glaze of North Dynasty, instead, creatively produced alkaline lime glaze. The collections in Porcelain Museum of Song Dynasty in Suining City are well preserved in kiln with large quantities, which provide numerous truly reliable bases to study the craft achievements of Song Porcelain. 

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