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Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot

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Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot is the source of the Guangshui River which origins from the Nantian at the south foot of Guangtou(bold) Mountain in the common boundary of Hubei and Henan Province, and goes through Laowuji and Yezhutang to Nianziwan reservoir. It extends more than ten miles, so it was also called Longshigeng. There are deep gully and narrow ravine, clusters of waterfalls which are all together 18 like Tiankouwan, Dragon Palace, Dragon Pond, Dragon Gate, Two Dragons Chasing with a Pearl, and Songliwan etc. from the top to the bottom and they together were called Donggou Waterfalls.

The Black Dragon Pond waterfall is surrounded by lofty cliffs only left a space with the diameter of 7 meters. When you look down, it seems no end; when look up, the sky is as small as a bowl, therefore it was called ‘Tiankouwan Waterfall’. The distance between the two waterfalls is 31 meters and the flying falls just like water poles. The beautiful rainbow appears in the water drops and when the waterfall drops on the rocks, it sounds like thunders. The valley is so deep and dark that the cold air makes you feel freezing.

There is high cableway connecting the Blake Dragon Pond Scenic Spot and Jigong Mountain which is one of the ten summer resorts and you can ride the high cableway to Jigong Mountain and enjoy the fun of appreciating a scene in two provinces and two scenic spots lying in one mountain.

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How to Get There?
It is 22kilometers to the urban area of Guangshui City and 10 miles to Wushengguan at its southwest.

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Opening Hours:
8:30am-6:00 pm

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Recommended Time for Visiting :Half hour

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