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Dahong Mountain

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Dahong Mountain Scenic Spot is a state level scenic resort with the total area of more than 330 square kilometers which lies in the Jianghan plain and winds through Jinxiang area (around Jingzhou City and Xiangyang City) with great momentum and picturesque scenery. It has the climate feature of four seasons existing in the same mountain and every ten miles having different temperatures. The Xiaoquanwan Holiday Resort is the best place as a summer resort.

Unique Peaks: The lofty peaks thrust themselves towards the sky with range upon range of green hills extending for hundred miles. The main peaks in Dahong Mountain is Precious Pearl Peak with the altitude of 1050 meters and the relative height of 800 meters comparing with other peaks and it is surrounded by the steep cliffs and is standing against the Xuangouyan and Pen-holder Mountain nearby and looks very grand.

Deep and quiet forest: There are a primitive forest in the Dahong Mountain with tracts of Nanmu and the precious ginkgo trees about one thousand years old. The towering old trees, the exotic flowers and rare herbs and the singing birds make this place surpassingly beautiful, together with many rare animals and precious herbs and trees, this area is praised as the kingdom of animals and the green treasure-house.

Unique caves: There are clusters of limestone caves in Dahong Mountain.  In the exploited Immortal Cave, there are 150 rooms and can hold tens of thousands people. The deepest Two Doors Cave and the Two Kings Cave with the most stalactites are marvelous and wonderful which is so deep that seems no end with dimly and colorful scenes and is really a feast to your eyes. The various stalactites in the cave are unique and can be boasted as a wonder in the world.

Beautiful lakes: There are a lake appraised as Jasper Lake (the dwelling-place of the Queen Mother of the West) hiding on the top of the Dahong Mountain and flowing waterfalls on its mountainside and warm springs at is foot. White Dragon Pond, with the altitude of 800 meters, embeds among the Precious Pearl Mountain, Xuangou Rock and Pen-holder Mountain and they set each other off beautifully. The lake and mountains each acts as a foil for the other and makes the lake more beautiful and therefore it was appraised as the Jasper Lake in Sichuan. The main source of White Dragon Pond flows down the mountain into the valley and thus forms a fourfold waterfall with the drop elevation of over one hundred meters which is rare in the Central China and will make you relaxed and fresh when watching it.

Mellow spring: There are all together 99 spring openings, among them the Xinyang hot spring with the constant temperature of 37 centigrade is the natural Hot Spring Convalescent Hospital. The ten falls, forty lakes, about one hundred springs and fifty streams hiding among the mountains and peaks will be a feast to your eyes. The holiday resort locates in the hinterland of the Dahong Mountain Scenic Resort with the altitude of 800 meters. The yearly average temperature is 15 centigrade with the highest one 26 centigrade and the lowest one 2.4 centigrade which is relatively warm in winter and cool in summer. With abundant water resources and pleasant weather it is really a rare summer resort.

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