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Shennong Cave

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According to the historical records, this is the place where Shennong’s mother gave birth to him. Shennong Cave is in the Emperor Yan-Shennong of Lie Mountain Scenic Spot and there are also memorial buildings like Emperor Yan-Shennong Cave, Emperor Yan-Shennong Stele, Emperor Yan-Shennong Memorial Square, Emperor Yan-Shennong Memorial Hall and Emperor Yan-Shennong Memorial Archway and so on. In Emperor Yan-Shennong  of Lie Mountain Scenic Spot, some scenic spots were built and restored like Emperor Yan-Shennong  Hall, Ancestral Hall of Lie Mountain, Immortal Hall, Charitable Hall, Shennong Temple, Andeng Fountain, Baicao Garden ( Herbary), Guantian Altar and Nine Shennong Wells and so on. The sights here are the tide of Jianghe River, Mists in the Nine Mountains, Evening Bell in the old Temple, Sunset in the Village, and Snows in the ancient cave, fogs around the rocks, the Dragon Flagpole and Phoenix Flagpole and so on which are beautiful and magnificent and were arranged according to the local conditions. For thousands years large amount of Chinese people from all over the world come to Lie Mountain to pay a piously worship to Emperor Yan-Shennong and commemorate the ancestor of Huaxia (ancient China) on every April 26 according to the lunar calendar and therefore Lie Mountain has became a holy place for Chinese both at home and aboard to worship their ancestors.

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There are public autobuses in the city which can go to Lishan Town

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Recommended Time for Visiting :Three hours

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