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Xujia River Tourist Holiday Zone

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Xujiahe Reservoir is the third biggest reservoir in Hubei Province and the total area of water is 7000 hectare with the total water storage of 700 million cubic meters and is a water control project containing many functions such as flood control, water supply in agriculture, aquaculture, generate electricity, and tourism. The 108 islands in the scenic area are like pearls engraved in the maple-like reservoir, and the kiosks, pavilions, lying beside the lake with the blue water extending into the distance and charming willows dancing on the lakeside. It was approved to be the provincial tourist holiday zone of Hubei Province in 2001.

With vast water surface and clean water, Xujiahe Lake is a natural swimming pond. Every summer there will be crowds of visitors here. The No. 1 Dam of Xujiahe reservoir was built in 1958 with the total length of 1000 meters which is like a rainbow in the earth and also like a dragon swimming out of the water in the lamplight when the night falls and the whole scene is quiet magnificent.

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How to Get There?
In the urban area there are public buses to Guangshui City

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Opening Hours:
9:00am-6:00 pm

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Recommended Time for Visiting :One day

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