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Suizhou Travel Guide

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Suizhou Overview

Suizhou is an open city to the outside world under the direct jurisdiction of Hubei Province in China which has an area of 9363 square kilometers and a population of 2.5 million. It has long history, great culture and abundant products, which is known as its antiquity, uniqueness, beautifulness and newness, and is a famous historical and cultural city in China.


the hometown of Shennong (Patron of Agriculture). According to the historical records and the investigation of the experts both at home and abroad, the primogenitor of our Chinese-Emperor Yan-Shennong was born in Lie Mountain in Suizhou (Lishui Town) which became a holy place for the overseas Chinese to pay homage to their ancestors.

Suizhou City

Suizhou City


the ancient hometown of chime bells. A large series of chime bells (percussion instrument) made in the early period of the Warring States which was unearthed in the Leigu Hill in the west of Suizhou City are delicate, beautiful and priceless and was praised as a miracle in the world.


it is a scenic resort. Dahong Mountain, the famous scenic spot in Jingchu (Hubei Province) is praised as the first peak under the sky of the northern Chu( a country in the Warring States Period and now the Hubei Province), and it has picturesque scenery and unique landscape which is boasted as a marvelousness in the central plains of China. It is a state level natural reserve.


a new city. With broad area and abound resources, Suizhou is an inspiring place and has plenty local products. Many outstanding persons are from Suizhou. It has a solid economical base and is a multi-functional city with torrid economic growth and is also a famous hot-rod city.

Tourist Resource

Suizhou is rich in tourism resources and is a hot tourist city in the traveling line of the northwest of Sichuan Province to Shennong, the traveling line to pay a pilgrimage to Mt. Wudang, and traveling line to visit the Yangtse Gorges.

District Code: 0722

Post Code: 441300

Regionalization: It administrates Zengdu District and acts as a vicegerent of Guangshui City and all together 55 towns and counties, Urban Offices and state farms, 2 economic technical development areas and 1610 administrate villages and neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction.