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There is no airport in Suizhou City and you can take a bus or taxi at the Tianhe Airport in Wuhan City which is in the Tianhe Town, Huangpo District of Wuhan and then get to Suizhou.

Telephone switchboard: 027-85818656

Inquiry Number: 85818305

Suizhou Yanhuang Travel Agency will act for the ticket business of China and all the areas in the world and its address: Beside the Exit Hall of Suizhou Station.

Booking Telephone: 0722-3233158

Jingguang Railway ( Beijing - Guangzhou ) and Handan Railway (Hanxi of Wuhan - Danjiang) go through the whole reign of Suizhou and the priority project of China Ningxi Railway (Xi’an- Nanning) will join with Handan Railway in Suizhou.

Address of the Suizhou Railway Station: In the crossroad of Revolution Road and No.316 National Highway.

Inquiry Number: 0722-3328990

No.107, 316, 312 Highways, six provincial roads and Hanshi Highway go across the whole city and the connecting road of the Jingzhu Highway ( Beijing -Zhuhai) and No.107 National Highway lies in the area of Guangshui.

Telephone of Luoyang Town Bus Station of Suizhou City: 0722-4802433

Public Bus

The price of the public buses is usually 1 Yuan/person and the air-conditioned buses will be 2 Yuan/person

Suizhou Public Bus Company

Address: No.25 Youth Road

Telephone: 0722-3813254


The starting price of the minibus in Suizhou is 4 Yuan for 2 miles and more than 2 miles will be 1.2Yuan/mile, which is charged according to the standard price of 0.6 Yuan/mile. The taxi will be 4Yuan within 2 miles and more than 2 miles 1.4 Yuan/mile. The fee for the permission of driving across the roads or bridges will be paid by the passengers.

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