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Scenery of Luoma Lake

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Water area covers Niantouyu and Yaowan Dyke in the north, west dyke of Middle canal in the west, Malingshan Mountain in the east and south dyke of Luoma in the south, with a total area of 375 square meters, and is one of the four freshwater lakes in Jiangsu Province. Seeing from the distance, the shape of Luoma Lake of Malingshan Mountain is like the back of a big horse, with his tail sweeping the water.

Legend has it that there was once a small beautiful dragon horse whose cry was extremely loud. When he was born, he cried with happiness and frightened Queen Mother of the Western Heavens who was celebrating the birthday. Queen Mother of the Western Heavens asked God Erlang to look into the matter. She got very angry when God Erlang told her the truth and said it was an ill omen. She ordered God Erlang to kill the small dragon horse. Hearing the news that the small dragon house would be killed, the mother, the old dragon horse decided to atone for his son’s crime. The old dragon horse was escorted to the court of the Lord of Heaven before being tortured, “She would rather die herself, now, she was banished to the earth and was not called back to the Heaven forever.” said the Queen mother of the Western Heavens, pointing at the nose of the old dragon horse. So the old dragon horse came to the earth, her four feet being sunk deeply into earth and the ground surface being sunk into several zhang (a unit of length) deep pressed by her body. Later, Jade Emperor granted the old dragon horse a pardon and recalled her to the Heaven. Here, a pond was left whose shape likes the back of a horse. People called it Luoma Lake.

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