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Zhaohe Dragon King Temple

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Dragon King Temple was built during the periods of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1662-1722) and rebuilt at the 18th year of Jiaqing(1813). In 1983, it was reconstructed again. The main buildings of Dragon King Temple from south to north are Buddhism, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Imperial Pavilion, Yi Palace, East Corridor House, West Corridor House, King Temple, Lingguan palace, East Dragon Ridge, West Dragon Ridge, Yu Temple, West Palace and East Palace etc. The layout is the same as the palaces of the Qing Dynasty built in Beijing. The temple is enclosed by courtyard wall and it has three yards. Between Lingguan Palace and Yu Temple, standing a big cypress with 3 meters broad and 10 meters high. Inside the Imperial Pavilion is the Imperial tablet. The inscriptions on the tablet were written by Emperor Qianlong.

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How to Get There?
How to get there:By a special bus to Zhaohe township at North Bus Station.

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Open Hour:8:00-17:00

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