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Suqian Travel Guide

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Suqian Overview

Suqian is located in the northern part of Jiangsu Province. It borders Lianyungang and Zuzhou, sharing Hongze Lake, China’s fourth largest fresh water lake. The city has a rich cultural history of 2,500 years. The city is well-known for its alcoholic products for which it won many international and national awards. Top brands are Yanghe and Shuanggou.

The city’s status as a prefecture city was awarded in 1996. Suqian, Shuyang, Siyang, and Sihong were separated from Huaiyin prefecture city and form Siqian prefecture city. Suqian is now one of Jiangsu thirteen preferecture-level cities that govern 3 counties and two old municipal districts.

The city is famous for being the hometown of the Great Conqueror Xiangyu of West Chu Period in China. In China’s history, the city is an important battlefield where kings and emperors fought their enemies. It is for this reason that Suqian is rich in legends, heritage sites, etc.


Suqian has four distinctive seasons. The city enjoys warm temperate monsoon climate and is blessed with superior heat and light resources. Annual average temperature is 14.2C.

The best time to visit the city is every May to October


Best local products are Baji peanut, megrante, and crystal hawthorn pastry.

Suqian Food

Because of its fertile soil and great weather, Suqian was initially known as a farming land. Their main agricultural products include vegetable, poultry, rice, and cotton. The city is also known for its aquatic products such as silver fish, crab, shrimp, and even aquatic vegetables. Because of this, the city’s agricultural income represents 25% of the city’s total GDP.


Qianlong Temporary Palace

At the south bank of the Luoma Lake, one can find a well-preserved old building complex. This is the famed Qianlong Temporary Palace that was built around 1684 and was renovated several times during the Qing Dynasty. The emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong visited the palace three times for worship and camped here five times.

The huge Palace occupies 3.4 hectares of land and its architecture resembles style popular in Northern China. Because of its elegance and size, it was used to host major events and ceremonies. This amazing palace is listed as one of the Provincial Great Ancient Architectures in 1982. In 2001, it was designated as an important cultural heritage site.

The palace features more than 20 halls, pagodas, pavilions, and terraces. It is indeed a must-visit historic site in Suqian.

Xiangwang Memorial House


Xiangwang Memorial House was built in honor of Xiang Yu, the King of the West Chu State and a famed historic hero in China during 232-201 B.C. He became a famous, legendary figure in his time when he started his military career. He was named one of the best military leaders who fought the Qin Dynasty. He and his troop won the battle and established the West Chu State.

However, he eventually lost the battle when he refused to listen to his advisors. He took his life on the shore of the Chu River when Liu Bang, one of the insurgents, defeated him. His defeat was overlooked by many Chinese nationalities. He is respected for his bravery and forthrightness.

The memorial house was built right after he died. It was renovated many times and the fund came from wealthy families and authorities. Today, the memorial house is listed as one of a historic and heritage site for tourism.

Address: 1 Xiangwang Road, Suqian, Jiangsu
Hours: 5am-5pm
How to get there Take Bus No. 1 or 4 to the memorial house
Phone number: 86-527-424 0638