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Old Alliance Mound

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In the 12th year of Aigong Emperor in the Lu State of Spring and Autumn Period (482 BC), emissary minister sent by Lu State, Zigong, and emissary minister sent by Wu State, Mr. Zai, held a meeting declaring alliance between the two states. The two attendants built a mount to hold the ceremony. So it is called Alliance Mound. It is said that the powerful minister Zigong from State Lu feel reluctant to leave here for the beautiful scenery and stayed here for long. So a mountain near here was named “Zigong Mountain”. Local residents are accustomed to call it “Mount Gong”. Later a temple was built on the mound for purpose of commemorate the two emissary ministers from State Lu and State Wu. After liberation, the temple was reconstructed to be a school. Now there are still green pines and cypresses on the mound. These trees make pleasant shade. The river at the foot of the mound is very clear with ripples

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Take direct tourist bus from Suzhou downtown area

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Recommended time for a visit: half an hour

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