Min Ziqian Ancestral Temple and Tomb

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Sitting in north and facing south, Master Min's tomb is 6 meters tall and the diameter is 40 meters. There are two other tombs beside it, which are said to be tombs of Min Ziqian's two brothers. They are 2 meters tall and the diameters are 24 meters. The total area of the tombs is 6,400 square kilometers. There are a lot of pines and cypresses around the tomb. "Pines around Min's Tomb" is one of the Eight Scenic Spots in Suzhou. The construction of Min's Ancestral Hall was started in the Song Dynasty. There are still 14 palaces remain in the temple. There are also old cypresses and gingko of thousands of years. There are two inscription pavilions outside the temple. A memorial archway, which writes "Scholar of the Past Master Min's Hometown", is built on the side the road in the east of the temple. On the southeast of the temple are the Xiao Spring and Master Min's former residence. Other scenic spots around Min's Ancestral Temple include Mount Qian, Shaishu Mound, Xishu Channel, Lotus Pool, Reed Catkins Slope, Xiyan Pool and so on. There are not only fascinating natural scenes, but also touching tales here.

About Min Ziqian                                                                               

Master Min's name is Sun. And he styled his name Ziqian. Min Ziqian is from State Lu in the Spring Autumn Period. And he is a student of Confucius. Listed first in the seventy-two scholars among Confucius' students, he has the same fame in his virtue as Yan Yuan. Master Min is known all over the county for his filial piety. Confucius praised him "Min Ziqian is so filial! He has never sown discord among his parents and brothers." In the Song Dynasty, the emperor praised him as Ji Sheng (Sage of the Country). Many Emperors of the past dynasties have granted plaques or titles for him. Men of literature and writing have written poems or article to commemorate him. His exemplary conduct and moral excellence have become a favorite tale for thousands of years.

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