Suzhou Anhui Travel Guide

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Suzhou Anhui Overview

Suzhou locates in the north most of Anhui Province. It borders on Jiangsu Province in the east and Shandong Province in the north. Known as “a place where boats and carriages are gathered and many roads lead to all places in China”, Suzhou is very convenient in transportation. It is an intersection of south and north, east and west. Suzhou has abundant products, for example the folk handicrafts Zhong Kui Painting in Lingbi and Suzhou Leshi ink stone. It is also a place propitious for giving birth to great man.

The long history in Suzhou brings sedimentary accretion of the culture. In the south, there lies Shegu Mound, a memorial spot where Chen Sheng and Wu Guang swore the oath of alliance and stated the uprising to revolt against Emperor Qin Shi Huang (i.e., “First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty”). In the north, there is a valley where Emperor Liu Bang hid to prevent himself from attack of Qin Shi Huang’s soldiers. In the east, there lie Ancient Gaixia Battlefield and Tomb of Yu Ji. The Feast Pavilion, where Li Bai composed poems while drinking is in the west.

And Donglin Humble Cottage, where Bai Juyi once resided in is in the middle. There are many famous people in Suzhou, such as Min Ziqian, a student of Confucius, two of the “Seven worthies in the Bamboo Grove”, Ji Kang and Liu Ling, Emperor Zhu Wen in the Late Liang Dynasty. Many learned scholars in history, such as Li Bai, Han Yu, Bai Juyi, and Su Shi, have visited or lived in Suzhou and left many beautiful poems and relics here.

Suzhou City is rich in natural resources, as well as famous and special products. The main productions include wheat, corn, soy, dasheen, cotton, peanut, vegetables, apple, pear, peach, grape and blubbery. Lingbi Rock is one of the “Four Rare Stones in China”. As a fine fruit, Dangshan crisp pear find favor in many customs from both China and abroad. Fuli Ji Grilled chicken is known as one of the first-class dishes in the?China?Famous Food Book.

City Phone Code:?0557

Post Code:?234000

Nationality:?Mainly Han Nationality

Administrative Divisions: One district and four counties, including Suzhou city, Yongqiao District, Dangshan County, Xiao County, Lingbi County and Si County.