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Suzhou Anhui Transport

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Air Transport

There is no airport available in Suzhou . The closest airport from Suzhou is Xuzhou Airport.

Xuzhou Guanyin Airport is only 70 kilometers away from Suzhou downtown area. Taking Beijing -Fuzhou Superhighway and Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Superhighway, it costs no more than an hour to get to the airport. The air transport is very convenient here.

Xuzhou Guanyin Airport

Xuzhou Guanyin Airport locates in the city of Xuzhou, the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone. It is 45 kilometers distance away from Xuzhou downtown area, 90 kilometers distance from Huaibei downtown area, 110 kilometers distance from Zaozhuang downtown area, and 70 kilometers distance away from Suzhou downtown area.

Telephone numbers in common use

Enquiry Center of the Airport: 0516-83068113

Freight Center of the airport: 0516-83068147

24 Hours Ticket Booking Call: 0516-83068188

Complaint Call: 0516-83068075, 0516-83068021

Railway Transport

Nearly all the trains on the Shanghai -Nanning railway stop in Suzhou for a short time, including the trains setting out from Suzhou, but most of all are trains that pass by Suzhou to Shanghai. There is a shift on the shuttling line of Suzhou-Shanghai every twenty minutes (in the morning and the late evening of the weekend and the peak period time for special purpose, there is a shift every 10-15 minutes). It takes 7-22 Yuan RMB for a single ticket and 40 minutes---90 minutes for one way. The trains form Shanghai to Suzhou set off at Shanghai new passenger station at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 sharply. It takes15 Yuan for the ticket and takes 40 minutes to arrive at the destination station.

The east ticket-selling hall of Suzhou railway station sells tickets of every networked station 6 days in advance. Tickets are also available in the east oblique window after entering the station under emergency circumstances. The ticket-selling window sells only the tickets of the trains whose driving time is within one hour and sells platform tickets simultaneously.

Transportation: Take Bus No. 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13 in the urban area to Suzhou Train Station

Telephone of Suzhou Train Station (Gongren Road, Yongqiao District): 0557-3027095

Ticket booking line of Suzhou Train Station: 0557-1605167

Enquiry call: 0557-3027095

Suzhou Railway Station


Suzhou Railway Station is under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Railways Bureau. There are 270 trains passing through it each day. It is an important station servicing both travelers and goods. It was first built in 1908, and first renovated in 1941. After liberation, the main area was expanded. In 1982, it was designated as a first-class railway station. Trains bound for Beijing , Shanghai, Nanjing , Ganzhou, Chengdu , Xian, Qingdao and Xining may be caught at the station. A trip to Shanghai takes about one hour.

Location: No.27, Chezhan Road, Pingjiang District, Suzhou.
Postal Zip Code: 215008
Inquiry number: 86-512-6753 2831 (from overseas) or 512-6753 2831 (domestic call).

Train Ticket Outlets:

Each joint ticket outlet presells one-way tickets nationwide within 9 days and round-trip tickets to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Huangshan within 9 days.
1. No.111, Jingmen Road, Suzhou. Telephone: 65511166
2. Railway Ticket Agent in SND: No.24, Tayuan Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou. Telephone: 68250603
3. Railway Ticket Agent in the Wuzhong South Bus Station: No.10, Guangjian Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou. Telephone: 65131838
4. No.2276, Zhongshan North Road, Wujiang. Telephone: 63021766
5. No.71, Jiuxueqian Lane, Guanqian Street, Suzhou. Telephone: 67701178

Online Ticket Office

The Ticket Booking Center has a home-delivery service, for the service area within the boundaries of Donghuan Road, Xihuan Road, Nanhuan Road and State Highway 312.
Booking time: 8:30-21:00.
Booking Hotline: 11604567 or 67513131.
Service Charge: 5 RMB per ticket.


23 bus lines reach Suzhou Railway Station: No.178, Tour 5, 316 (long line), 119, 552, 6, 64, Tour 4, Tour 4 (long line), 529, 7 (shuttle), 81, Tour 2, 44, 316, 10, 50, 40, 85, 38, 324, 101.