Museum of Ancient Chinese Sexual Culture

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Founded in 1995, Museum of Ancient Chinese Sexual Culture is the first sex museum in China. It is located in the water town named Tongli Town, Jiangsu Province. As a first private and sexual culture museum, it was built by Liu Dalin, the curator and the professor of Shanghai University. Professor was regarded as “The Mr. Kinsey in China”.

What to See

The exhibits are the real unearthed relics, which share the same history over 5,000 years of Chinese culture. The collections obviously stand out the attitude towards sex of human beings.

There are more than 2,000 exhibits of sexual relics, paintings, poems and books and sculptures of ancient China. Tourists can be shocked by the oldest exhibit can be dated back to 8,000 years ago. And there are more than 20 both rare and delicate exhibits with a history of over 5,000 years ago.

These exhibits display the sex in daily life, sex in primitive life, sex in special fields, marriage and woman and so on.

There are many kinds of sexual exhibits. Most of the exhibits were collected by Professor Liu at home and abroad with over 10 years. Travels can easily find sexual exhibits with colorful and unique features. Some of them were formed into clay figurines with exaggerated faces and positions.

There are exhibits made by bronze, porcelains and clay figurine and so on. There is a special sexual artwork-pillow. In ancient China, the pillow was used as a tool for man to enjoy himself. And in ancient China, when a man put a ring on a woman hand, it stands

Chinese people’s attitude towards sex are differ from western countries. Ancient Chinese people can be easily felt full of shame when talking about sex. Chinese people do not tend to talk about sex topics not only in public but also within their own families.

There are other exhibition sections which display Chinese ancient culture, sex worship, family, and as well as religious and foreign sex culture.

Among these exhibits, tourists can find that the ancient people pay much more attention to sex life. The exhibits show people many kinds of sex positions.Virtually, the ancient people are eager to sex and have their own opinions about sex.

There is no denying that these sexual exhibits are Chinese treasure. It is the revolution of sex in China’s history.

Nearby Attractions

Some picturesque ancient towns like Zhouzhuang Town and JinxiTown around there. Zhouzhuang is China’s No.1 water town and Jinxi is widely known as “The Home of Folk Museum in China” that travels can still enjoy the real tranquility.

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It's located in ancient town Tongli in Jiangsu province.

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