Yuquan Temple

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Yuquan Temple (also called Gushan Temple) is situated in the north of Mount Tai. It is also commonly known as ‘feya’ (Buddha) Temple. It is about twenty kilometers away from the city of Tai’an and thirty kilometers away from the capital city of Jinan. The Temple is surrounded by lengthy valleys with breathtaking landscapes and thick spread of pristine trees.

Yuquan Temple was built by the monks in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-535). It was rebuilt in the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) and later expanded in the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). It is one of the well-known temples in Mount Tai area. At the height of its power and splendor, it housed up to 500 monks. The tourist interest spots offered by Yuquan Temple include ancient trees dating from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Hall of Great Heroes, a spreading primeval conifer tree nicknamed ‘one mu’ conifer-tree (mu, a Chinese unit of area, is equivalent to 1/15 of a hectare), the so-called Buddha’s West Footprint and East Footprint on the boulders that flanks the Temple and the Buddha statue built in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-535).

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You can take a bus in the downtown area of Tai’an to Niushankou.

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