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Taian Food

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Taian Featured Food:

Tofu Feast

Tofu Feast has a very long history. Mount Tai is the sacred mountain in China. For thousands of years, emperors of the past dynasties all offered sacrifices to the earth and heaven at Mount Tai. They all abstain from eating meal to show their godliness. Tofu feast is their favorite. The Tofu Feast includes 150 dishes including the famous Yipin Tofu (tofu cooked with egg, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots and the dish is in the shape of Chinese character “品”, pinyin: pin); Tofu cooked with ginseng and Furong Tofu (toufu cooked with string beans, mushrooms, eggs and flavored seasons. 

Millet Pancake

Thin, crisp and fragrant are the three features of Tai’an Millet Pancake. It is made from millet which is ranked in the top grade of Chinese pancake. The millet is first made into power and then undergoes fermentation before baking in a pan. The millet pancake is as thin as the wing of cicada. People even can read newspaper through it which is tasted crisp and fragrant. Local people usually eat it by rolling green Chinese onion in it.

Fried Chilin Fish

Chililn Fish is a kind of exclusive wild carp of Mount Tai. It lives in the scream of Mount Tai at the altitude from 270 to 800 meters. It is popular with people for its tender meat, no smell and high nutrition value and seldom small bones. Tai’an people Fry the excavated Chilin Fish with seasons full of local flavor to make the fish crisp exteriorly and tend interiorly. The Fried Chilin fish is in the shape of arch and tasted melt in the mouth and moreish.

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