Mount Tai International Climbing Festival

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Mount Tai International Climbing Festival is usually held in mid-September in the season of autumn every year when the weather is cool and the scenery is infinite. It has become a large-scale tourist festival and enjoys high popularity and prestige in China. Mount Tai International Climbing Festival was held in September, 1987 for the first time and held every year ever since, attracting a large number of tourists and athletes from home and abroad. The participants not only take part in various activities, such as mountain-climbing race and mountain biking, but also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of art and culture activities, including the excellent historical and cultural dances of Mount Tai, the photography exhibition of Mount Tai, Mount Tai exhibition of historical relics and treasures, the show of miniature garden, the painting exhibition of Mount Tai and other kinds of activities.

Mount Tai, ranking first of the five great mountains in china, has the reputation of “the most beautiful mountain under heaven”. It is in the center of Shandong Province with majestic wonders of the natural landscape and human landscape. Mount Tai was listed in the list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 1987 and has attracted numerous tourists to enjoy its unique natural landscape.

The Developing Process

Mount Tai International Climbing Festival has mainly experienced three stages of development. The first stage (from 1987 to 1991) was centered on the main content of culture, sports as well as some economy and trade activities. The second stage (from 1992 to 1998) gave prominence to the economy and trade activities besides the cultural and sports activities. The third stage (from 1999 till now) emphasizes on the development of tourism.

Mount Tai International Climbing Festival consists of 5 parts and 20 activities of celebrations, economy, trade, sports and culture with the activity themes of “the grand meeting of tourism”, “the corridor of economy and trade”, “the cradle of competition” and “the brilliant stage”. The large-scale artistic performance with distinct themes is indispensable component of the festival.

The contents of the festival

Mountain climbing competition includes domestic group, international group, male group and female group. The starting point of the climbing competition for all groups is Dai Zongfang. The end point for the group of the old is the Gate to Mid-heaven with the height of 800 meters and the race distance of 5 kilometers. The end point for the middle-aged group is the Southern Heavenly Gate with the height of 1,400 meters and the race distance of 7.7 kilometers. The end point for the youth group is the Peak of the Heavenly Emperor with the height of 1,545 meters and the race distance of 8.5 kilometers. The Peak of the Heavenly Emperor is Mount Tai's highest peak, stands over deep valleys and above other perilous peaks.

Besides, the opening ceremony is also held during the climbing festival. During the opening ceremony, the audience will enjoy the large-scale singing and dancing performance, including the traditional folk arts of Mount Tai, such as walking on stilts, carrying sedan-chair, a land boat dance and other traditional performances.

Scenic spots during the Festival

Red Valley culture and the ecology tourist area

Red Valley culture and ecology tourist area is located in the southern mountain area of Jinan City which is the capital city of Shandong Province. Red Valley culture and ecology tourist area is a scenic tourist area with the theme of human landscape and artistic taste with a total area of more than 4,000 mu.

Jinan Botanical Garden

Jinan Botanical Garden is situated in the south of Jinan City with an area of 750 mu. It is regarded as the back yard garden of Jinan citizens with Thousand Buddha Mountain to its east, Nanjiao Hotel to its south and Shandong Sports Center to its west. It was open to the public for free on September 26th, 1997. And at present, there are over 20,000 tourists every day and the number of tourists reaches over 70,000 during the festivals and holidays.

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