Yangmingshan National Park

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Yangmingshan National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Taiwan, which is located in the northeast of Taipei Basin, covering an area of 11,456 hectares. Centered on Mt. Datun and Mt. Qixing volcanic group, Yangmingshan National Park features unique volcano landscape and characteristic geologic structure, including volcano remains and various natural landscapes, such as hot spring, terrestrial heat, waterfall and lakes. Besides, it abounds with animal and plant resources, including 1,224 varieties of protective plants and 115 varieties of terrestrial vertebrates.

Yangmingshan National Park consists of Zhongzheng Park and Yangming Park. In Zhongzheng Park, there is swimming pool, basketball court, skating rink and a number of other facilities. By the lake, there are beautiful blossoms, such as azalea and sakura. In late autumn, numerous maple trees all around the mountain together with the lake constitute a marvelous landscape of lake and mountains. In the northeast of the park, there is a splendid classical architecture which is built in memory of the Father of the nation. Covering an area of 61 hectares, Yangming Park is surrounded on four sides by mountains, including Mt. Qixing, Mt. Shamao, Mt. Zhongzheng and Mt. Datun. It boasts waterfall area and blossom area full of various flowers. From mid-February to early April every year, large varieties of flowers are blooming in profusion, which is an ideal venue for appreciating flowers.

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