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Wusu Airport of Taiyuan lies in the south of the suburb, 18 kilometers from the downtown area of Taiyuan. There are direct Flights to most large or medium sized cities of the country, such as Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Chengdu , Guilin , Nanjing , Shengyang , Xi’an and others.

Transportation: there are no fixed civil buses from the downtown area of Taiyuan to its airport; the most convenient way is to take a taxi, 30 minutes drive from the downtown area will arrive to the airport. The fare is about fifty Yuan.

The ticket office of China East Aviation Company (NO. 15 Yingze Street) Tel: 0351-4042903

The ticket office of Shanxi Hualv Aviation Service Company (NO. 12 the south of Xinjian Road) Tel: 0351-4031678

The ticket office of Shanxi Waifu Aviation Company (NO. 380 Yingze Street) Tel: 0351-4016383

The ticket office of Shanxi Tongbao Aviation Company (NO. 188 Bingzhou Road) Tel: 0351-4930508

Information telephone of Shanxi Aviation Company: 0351-96566

Telephone of the ticket office of Shanxi Aviation Company: 0351-4047178

Telephone of the ticket office of Taiyuan of the branch of China East Aviation Company in Shanxi: 0351-8008061333

Information telephone: 0351-3197399


Taiyuan is the end point of Beijing -Taiyuan Railway and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Railway as well as the start place of Taiyuan-Jiaozuo Railway. It connects ten large or medium sized cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai , Xi’an, Chengdu , Baotou and others. There are more than 20 expresses that pass by Taiyuan or end in Taiyuan every day.

Transportation: NO.1, 6, 10, 21, 102, 601 buses can take you to the railway station in the city, the transportation is very convenient.

The automatic information telephone of the Taiyuan Railway Station: 0351-4182913、2232968

The booking telephone of the Taiyuan Railway Station: 0351-2233611、0351-2233622

Complain Telephone of the Taiyuan Railway Station: 0351-2633602


Taiyuan lies in the middle part of Jin, so the system of the highway is complete. Taimao, Taishi highways go through the entire city, which make the long-distance passenger transport in Taiyuan very convenient.

Currently, there are five large long-distance passenger transport stations in Taiyuan, namely, the Provincial Coach Station, the East Coach Station, the West Coach Station, Jiannan Coach Station and Yingbin Coach Station.

The Provincial Coach Station is near the railway station, lies in No.72 of Yingze Street. It mainly transports the long-distance coaches that go to Beijing , Shijiazhuang and other big cities in Shanxi province.

Information telephone: 0351-4139972.

Taiyuan Jiannan Coach Station lies in the south of Jianshe Road; it mainly transports the long-distance coaches that go to the cities of other province and the counties and towns of Shanxi province.

Information telephone: 0351-7071191.

Booking telephone Number: 0351-7071219.

Taiyuan Yingbin Coach Station is in Yingbin Road of the downtown area of Taiyuan, it mainly delivers the coaches that go outside of Shanxi province.

Information telephone: 0351-7056214

Taiyuan East Coach Station and West Coach Station are also important coach stations in Taiyuan, they all deliver coaches to Beijing and other places.

Information telephone of the West Coach Station: 0351-6330571

Internal Transportation

Taiyuan has a perfect bus system, the available 67 bus lines can deliver you to every place of the downtown. So, it is very convenient. Most bus fares are one Yuan; some buses that go a long way have different prices. People can also take NO.308 bus (a private bus); the bus fare is two yuan per person.

Hotline of Taiyuan Bus Company: 0351-7249876


There are more than 8,300 taxis in Taiyuan, the starting price is seven Yuan (including four kilometers), afterwards, one Yuan per kilometer. The types of the taxis are mainly Jieda or Fukang.

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