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Qinhu Scenic Spot

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Qin Lake Scenic Spot includes the Home Garden of the Moose, Shoushan Temple Religious Sightseeing Spot, the Wet Land Botanical Garden, The Silver Bank and Green Waves Natatorium

The Home Garden of Moose lies in the east of Qidong District with relatively low terrain and has large area of waters. It was set according to the former Moose feed lot and the whole garden is divided into two large parts: the district for rearing moose in the pens and the stocking district. In the pen district there is an exhibition room which has the function of explaining the popular science of the moose and introducing its living habits using the pictures, video types and oral explanations. A specialized mini-symposium can also be held here for its study. In the stocking district there are passes for tourists and some watching kiosks in wood which are set in the places where people could have the best view to observe their traces. According to the location of the plenty small islands in the water here some of the water ponds were filled and rearranged, on which they set “World of Water Birds” and “World of Pet Animals” two places.

The ancient Shoushang Temple in Shousheng Temple Religious Sightseeing Spot was resorted by consulting the temples in the central Jiangsu Province and it combines the terrain features of the water net here. The whole building is taking stone Archway, Dragon Pond (pond used for Buddhists or some kind people to set free the captive animals they bought or found), Pailou, Hall of Rain God, Hall of the Master of Healing, Yuantong Hall, the Great Buddha’s Hall and Sutra Mansion as the main spindle and the Drum tower, Hall of the three Buddha, Hall of the Emerald Buddha, Stupa and Clock Tower, Dangui Pavilion, Monk’s Dining Hall and Monk’s Cell as its two sub-spindles. There is a port for small boats in the temple and dinner was also served here for tourists.

The Wet Land Botanical Garden lies in the north of the Home Garden of Moose. The plants here were planted according to the geographic conditions and from the hydrophytes, water loving plants to the plants with wet fastness, xerophytes and rock plants they form a stable botanic ecological environment, and thus attracts many migrant birds to come here which echo to the Moose in their Home Garden not far away. There are hydrophytes biotope, mudflat plant biotope, xerophytes biotope, rock plants biotope, and precious plant biotope here.

The Silver Bank and Green Waves Natatorium is a lakeside swimming pond built for artificial surfing and there are areas for adults and swallow areas for children with an artificial beach on the bank of the swimming pool. It is a medium, modern lakeside swimming pond with an indoor swimming pool which has constant temperature and is open for a whole day. There are some other service establishments like gymnasium, massage and food and beverage departments and so on available for you and the total area here is about 350 square meters.

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Take a regular bus at Qintong in Jiangyan city and get off the bus at Shenma bus stop and then walk 1000 meters to the east to get there.

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Recommended Time for Visiting:One day During the golden week for traveling (usually from 1st may to 7th may in China) there will be boat shows every day in Qinghu Lake Scenic Spot, and usually from 9:00am to 11:00am, and from 2:00pm to 4:00 pm there will be 40 boats racing for the championship. In the sightseeing area, the high stunt performance team of Henan Province will perform tightrope walking everyday from 10:20am to 11:00 am and from 3:20pm to 4:00 pm. Besides, tourists can choose other sports activities such as horse riding, archery, bungee, and rock climbing and colorful ball shooting and so on.

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