Big Deer Island

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It consisted of two islands: the Big Deer Island and the Small Deer Island with shoals in between and they two together were called Big Deer Island. The total area of those two islands is 1.75 square kilometer and the coastline is 5.45 kilometers long.

The main peak of Big Deer Mountain is 229.2 meters and the forest coverage is as much as 87.5% and the stand volume is more than 3300 cubic meters. There are all together 204 family 534 genus and almost 1000 kinds of plants such as gingko, kapor, Lodgepole pine, coast oak, redwood, Japan cedar and tulip tree and so on which basically form a forest with coast oak as its main part with other ever-green broad- leave and deciduous trees and they form a good vegetation. The roads around the island are hiding among the tall and thick forest and maybe they will lead you to a quiet and remote place. Walking on the island you will find the towering American redwood, Japanese cedar standing in the wind with its branches crossing each other, the rhododendron and gardenia scattering everywhere and the white Yulan and canna indicas decorating among the brushes. The fine ecological environment has also provided the birds and insects a place to live and multiply. There are more than ten kinds of birds which are several thousands birds and some 70 kinds of insects. The culvers, golden orioles and Accipiter nisus are flying in groups and the stocking goats also appear in the forest or stand in the cliffs heading to the sky.


It is said that there was a divine deer in the heaven court. In order to steal the green seeds to plant in the human world it was stroked by the thunder and fallen into the sea. This island was named Big Deer Island not only because of this legend but also because its shape is like a deer standing on the sea with its head rising to the sky.

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First take a midi bus in Jade Ring Town to Kanmen Port and then take yacht for about half an hour.

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Recommended Time for Visiting: Three hours

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