Huayan Mountain

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The whole area of this scenic spot is about 11.52 square kilometer and among them the hilly area is more than 95%. It lies in the sub-topical monsoon climate zoon with warm and humid climate and is rich in rain. There is proper sunshine and the mean annual temperate is about 17 centigrade. The terrain of this area is mainly the rupture structure and adds some slow flex and basin structure and the exposed stratum is mainly the Jurassic volcanic rocks and on the dropped basin area there are the stratified rocks of the cretaceous. The are many kinds of trees like Chinese red pine, Japan cedar, Chinese sweet gum, kapor and red nanmu and so on and plenty of ferns and gramineae plants.

The wild animal resources here are also very rich and there are some wild animals under the State first-grade protection like the yellow- belly tragopan , clouded leopard and tufted deer and so on and also some big bat which is rare in China and the red bat which is rare in the world. Huayan Scenic Spot has many hills and surrounded by streams.

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Take No. 209 from Huangyan to there.

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Recommended Time for Visiting: Three hours

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