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Linhai Ancient City Wall

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Linhai Ancient City Wall has long history. It was built since in Jin Dynasty and has more than 1600 year’s history. In Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties it was restored and also expanded and the main parts has preserved till now. The ancient city wall was built along the river and lies on the Dagu Mountain in the north, connects with Jinzi Mountain in the south, goes over Ling River in its front and reach to East Lake in the east which winds through the mountains according the terrine and is quite grand especially the one in North Gu Mountain which was built on the top of the dangerous cliffs with its way winding down the mountain. There are abundant Ditai (a kind of little castle with most of the shape of trapezoid to fight against the enemy) and crenels high in the wall, comparing to the Badaling in Beijing they two are quite rare in China so it is worth of the title “Badaling in the south China”. Furthermore it has its own character that along the two sides of this city wall are the towering old trees which are green all the year around and the city wall hiding among the green boskage which adds some prettiness to it.

Linhai Ancient City Wall has another important function except to fight against the enemy that is to prevent flood. One third of the city wall was built along the Ling River and the ancient Taizhou government was just set near the estuary of Ling River, therefore the water always overflows the city when the river meets the tide and the water level rises. This city wall is just like a big dam and against the attack of the flood for thousand years, For this reason, they took a special measure in the design of Linhai City Wall and changed the Pot-like City into arch especially changed the wall meeting the water into the shape of hemi circle (the other side is still the shape of square) and this kind of design is quite rare in the ancient city walls in China which is the only one at present.

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There are No.1 public buses at the Passenger Buses Center to Lansheng Gate and the price is 1.5 Yuan

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1.There are No.1 public buses at the Passenger Buses Center to Lansheng Gate and the price is 1.5 Yuan. From here to the city wall and climb 198 steps to Gujing Turret and then go over White Cloud Turret to Watching Sky Turret, after a short rest to “Badaling of the south China” by Yanxia Attic and then you can see the Pot-like City. The one from the city wall to Watching River Turret is the most beautiful part in Linhai Ancient City Wall. On the ancient city wall there will be a flame dyke which looks like a memorial arch from space to space and on the bottom of each flame dyke is the round arch door for people and vehicles which is special scenery of the street in Linhai. 2.Recommended Time for Visiting: Three hours

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