Stone Pond

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The first morning twilight in the new two thousand year in China’s main land has set in Stone Pond Town which lies near the sea and in the southeast of Wenling City and it is an old town of fisherman villages with its former name Stone Pond Mountain which was an island in the old time.

Stone Pond Town takes The Stone Pond Mountain as its barrier in the northwest and the other three sides are circled by waters, which owns the beautiful seaside scenery. The houses and streets in the town was built according to the rise and fall of the terrain here, and the stone houses, stone streets, stone alleys and stone steps have their own character. Around the Shan’ao for four or five square kilometers there are all that kind of stone houses with the houses embedded in the mountain and the mountain  embraced the houses. There are rock inscriptions on the cliffs in the mountain like “shi hua hai yue”, “Ink Pond” and “hai tian ru hua” ( the beautiful of the sky and the sea are just like a picture) and so on. The “Handwritings of the Ink Pond”, “shadow of the sail boat in the pond”, the “waves of Pengyu”, “shi jing han wa”, “Leifang Tower and the auspicious rocks”, “thin sky in the stone hole”, “ moon in the fish pond”, “ Long hou qu shui”, “ beautiful Lion peaks ” and “ watching tide in Teng Sea” are the ten scenes in Stone Pond Town.

3.5 miles to the southeast of Stone Pond Town is an island named Third Garlic Island During the Ming and Qing Dynasties there were many garlic in the island and the fishermen nearby liked to come here for the garlic, therefore it was named Third Garlic Island. Besides the Third Garlic Island there are First Garlic Island and the Second Garlic Island in a line.

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Take the midi bus from the old Bus Station of Weiling to Stone Pond and it will cost you less than one hour and 6 Yuan.

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