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Former Residence of Zheng Banqiao

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This house is located in the north facing south with white walls and black tiles. There are an Entrance Hall, central room and side rooms, a small study and a small kitchen and so on in it with a quite courtyard. The courtyard is simple and unadorned with orchids and bamboos and it preservers the elegant and quiet conception as the sentence says “An elegant room need not to be large, and a fragment smell do not always from plenty of flowers”. In the upper part of the lintel of the door there hanged a stone caving written by Zhao Puchu which reads: “Former Residence of Zheng Banqiao” and in the entrance hall there is a wooden tablet which reads “Former Residence of Zheng Xie written by Lou Haisu and in the middle of it there is bronze-colored statue of Zheng Baiqiao, which is so vivid that it looks like the real Zheng Banqiao and behind it there is a wall with paintings of green bamboos. The east room and the west room are bedrooms which exhibit a bed containing a money box, a long wardrobe, a table and a washbasin shelf and they are all passed from Zheng family from generation to generation. The wall is full of wooden Yinglian (couplet written on scrolls and hung on the pillars of a hall) made by Zheng Banqiao, and pictures and calligraphies and things left by him etc. “Liao Bi Feng Yu”( take shelter from the rain and wind for a short period of time) caved outside the door. The small study with plain and elegant furniture lies in the east of the courtyard and is a room for Zheng Banqiao to study and draw. Standing near the window and looking outside, you will find the dancing shadows of bamboos and the orchards in bud in the small garden which is rich in poetic and artistic conception.

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Take a long-distance regular bus from Taizhou or Yangzhou (Jiangzhou) to Xinghua.

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8:30am to 6:00pm

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