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Mei Lanfang Park

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Mei Lanfang Park was built on the Phoenix hill with the beautiful legend in the east urban area. With three directions circulating with water and flourish jungle, it is suitable to build the Chinese garden architectures in the Phoenix hill.

The Exhibition Hall of Mei Lanfang’s Historical Records was built by moving the ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with well-arranged layout and it combines the feature of trim, simple, quit and elegant in itself.

The Exhibition Hall of Mei Lanfang’s Historical Records have seven exhibition rooms such as the exhibition room for “Mei Lanfang’s life as an artist”, “Objects used by Mei Lanfang” and his achievements and so on. Those exhibitions using abundant historical relics, pictures, objects and materials systematically introduce his diligent pursuit of art, his foundation of a new opera school, his contribution for spreading Peking Opera to aboard and his effort for teaching many disciples to develop this school of art and other outstanding achievements, they especially emphasize Mei Lanfang’s high political consciousness and his patriotism for preserving mustache  during the period of the Anti-Japanese War to refuse to perform for the Japanese army. Those exhibitions also show his love for his home town- Taizhou and respect and admire for him by his country fellows. There are also a multi-functional audiovisual hall mainly playing Mei Lanfang’s stage art records and other relative records and people can appreciate his art and beautiful vocal music here.

The four sightseeing here are also known as the four most attractive spots here. The first one is Maiting Pavilion which was designed by Professor Chen Congzhou who is an expert on the classical garden and five paintings of the Mei school Opera such as “Overlord farewell his concubine” and “The Drunken Beauty of Yang Guifei”(a high –ranked imperial concubine) etc were on it. The second one is Mei Lanfang’s big marble bust made by the famous Chinese caving master Liu Kaiqu as his master piece in the old age, the third one is the Yang Taizhen’s big marble artistic figure performed by Mei Lanfang in “The Stories of Yang Taizhen” and the forth one is a large stone stele on which Zhao Puchu wrote a Ci of “Strolling on Grass” when he were in Taizhou.

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Take No.7, 10,19,22,36 public buses to get there.

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