Rishe Garden

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In its north is a gardenlike house, in the south it takes the “Shanxiang Caotang” (a hall) as its main part with three stone peaks standing on the top of the small hill which is simple and quiet, in its east is a Banting Pavilion (a traditional Chinese architecture which is a half pavilion with the other side built on the wall) against the Counting fish Pavilion in the west slope and they have a relatively good height comparing with each other. Walk over the small arch bridge and along the zigzag pass to the mountain cave and you’ll find another view here.

The whole set of this garden is delicate and elegant which shows fully the beauties and features of the gardens in Jiangnan (southern China). The garden takes “Shanxiang Caotang” as its center with its south a pond and hills being as the main scenery and the north a yard. In front of the cottage, a stream is winding away and hills embracing together. The three stone bamboo shoots like three swards pointing to the sky. Over the pond there is a small arch bridge, pass over it you will get into a stone cave and will enjoy the pleasure of getting into a secluded quiet place by walking along the winding path. In front of the remains of Flower God Cabinet there is an ancient cypress tree with vigorous stocks.

Plenty of green cypresses, pines, bamboos and palms are here with flowers all the year around. Standing in the garden you will feel that all is green in your eyesight, especially after you finished a whole day’s work and take a walk in the garden, the green everywhere and the light fragment smell will make you pleasant and refreshing.

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Take No.8 public bus to get there

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The whole day

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Recommended Time for Visiting:A half day

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