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Taizhou Jiangsu Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/11/28

Taizhou Jiangsu Overview

Taizhou, owns great tolerance of exotic cultures and lifestyles and has developed water and land transportation systems, is an open city along the Yangtze River and near the Yellow Sea.

Taizhou, located in the middle of Jiangsu Province and on the north bank of the downstream of Yangtze River, is a newly-established industrial and commercial city. In July, 1996 approved by the state council, it became a prefecture level city and is in charge of four county-level cities: Xinghua, Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyuan and two urban districts: Hailing and Gaogang. Its total area is 5790 square kilometers and the total population 5.04 million. The basic territorial shape of Taizhou is like a long and broad belt with its east and west narrow and its north and south lean and long.

Taizhou enjoys a history of 2100 years and has not only a developed transportation and prosperous economy but also a profound cultural ground; therefore it gained a name as “An ancient county in Han and Tang Dynasties and a famous district in Huaihai area”. It is a place for talents and men of letters to gather and also a place which has plenty of scenic spots. The famous human resorts here are a historical and cultural treasure for Taizhou such as the antiquity monastery- Guangxiao Temple, Rishe Garden, Anding Shuyuan(a college in ancient times), the Manorial to Shi Nai’an, the Former Residence of Zheng Banqiao, Mei Lanfang Park and Garden and Boat Hall(a hall like a boat) of the Li Family etc.