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Huangyan Airport

Location: It locates in Luqiao District which is 20 kilometers to Huangyan.

Transportation: Take No. 304 Public Bus in Luqiao Passenger Bus Center directly to the airport.

Profile: Taizhou Civil Aviation was built in December 1994 and it has more than ten airlines which can reach to Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Wuhan , Xi’an, Fuzhou, Nanjing , Zhengzhou , and Chongqing and so on.

Inquire Number of the flight: 0576-4224554

Yong-Tai-Wen Railway (Taizhou-Wenzhou) is 282.42 kilometers long and goes through the Three Gates County, Linhai City, Huangyan District, Luqiao District and Wenling City in Taizhou City.

Inquire Number: 0576-8223158

No.104 National Highway, Yongtaiwen Highway and Shangsanxian Highway go over the whole area of Taizhou City. It will only take you four hours from Hangzhou to Taizhou and the price for the coaches in the highway is only about 100 Yuan. From Wenzhou to Taizhou only need 2 hours’ drive with 25 Yuan for the ticket.

The Passenger’s Bus Station which lies in Luqiao District is the hinge of the whole highway transportation in Taizhou and most of the regular buses which go across provinces and areas usually start from this station. There is also Long-distance Bus Station in Jiaojiang (Haimen) and Huangyan but the regular buses going across provinces and other areas are relatively fewer than those in Luqiao. Every day at 8:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 16:30 there will be highway buses to Luqiao in the East Bus Station of Hangzhou and at 7:30 and 12:30 to Huangyan.

Long-distance Passenger Transportation:

Service Number of Taizhou Passenger Transport Terminal: 0576-8310912

Service Number of Taizhou Passenger South Buses Station: 0576-9600011

Service Number of Taizhou Passenger West Buses Station: 0576-4017061

Haimen Port, the third biggest port in Zhejiang , lies in Jiaojiang District where the Taizhou government lies. Most of the goods in Zhejiang Province are transferred to other places by Haimen Port. There are routine ships everyday from Haimen Passenger Port to Sipu and Dachen Island and there are also many ships transferring between the No.7 Port of Haimen and Xiaosou Town on the north bank of Jiao River.

There are altogether 18 ports in Taizhou and among them the Haimen Port, Damaiyu Port, Jiantiao Port are the three biggest ports. The sea lines in the whole city can reach to Guangdong, Haiman in south, Yingkou, Tianjin , Dalian and Bottle Gourd Island in the north and more than 70 ports in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and some countries and places like Japan and Hong Kong .

Inquire Number: 0576-8222129

The basic price of the taxi is 5 Yuan, and they will not charge you within 4 kilometers but will charge 20% fee for the renting price per kilometer when you go to places more than 4 kilometers.

Public Buses:

Taizhou is made up of three separate districts which is Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao and the distance between them is about 14-17 kilometers. The number of the public buses which begins with “1” belongs to Jiaojiang District and with “2” is the buses in Huangyan District and with “3” is in Luqiao District, No.109 Public buses go around the urban area of Taizhou including the three districts and the whole journey will be 48 kilometers long.


There are no ticket seller in the public buses and you need to prepare some changes yourself when you take it.

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