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Le Ting Seaside Holiday Zone

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With the total area of 88 km², the scenic spot has such tourist attractions as Shijiutuo, Yaotuo, Dawanggang Islands, Bihai Bathing Beach, Gold and Silver Bathing Beach, Jianggezhuang Forest Park, Jingtang Harbor, Home of Li Dazhao.

Located in the east of Jingtang Harbor and 2 km away from the along-the-sea road, Gold and Silver Bathing Beach enjoys a convenient transportation condition. It is a good summer resort, in which you can enjoy little waves, low tides, clear water, and soft sands. It’s an about 5 km long natural bathing beach, the placid 1.5 m deep water area of which is 100 m wide and the placid 2 m deep water area is 300 m wide.

Located in the eastern area of Le Ting Seaside Holiday Zone, Bihai Bathing Beach is 25 km away from the city property. Between the Laomigou river mouth and Luanhe river mouth, the beach covers an area of 5 km², about 5 km long and 1 km wide. It used to be a sediment island, created by the wind and ocean power, but later was connected with the beach in the need of building shrimp ponds in northern part. The beach ranges from 50 to 100m in the width and is mainly made of relatively fine sands. In the northern part of the beach, there are many sand dunes with the altitudes up to 7 or 8 m. It is a large flat natural bathing beach, having clear and clean water, soft sands, little waves, low tides, primitive scenery and pleasant weather.

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