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Qing Shan Guan Mountain Pass

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It is located on the sub-ranges of Yanshan Mountain and the central area of Daqingshan Mountain. With the great walls passing through and the old castle based on the terrace at the mountain foot, it got the name of “Qingshanguan Mountain Pass”. The arched mountain pass bases on the cliff, having five layers of stone slabs above the base, and 55 layers of square bricks above the slabs. It has survived the test of the war fires, earthquakes and mountain torrents in the past 400 more years and still stands out majestically. The old castle has been well preserved, and the characters of “Qingshanguan Mountain Pass” and “completed in 1574(the 12th ruling year of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty)” on the top of its south gate can be clearly seen.

The Qingshanguan Mountain Pass, named after the Daqingshan Mountain and built from the Hongwu ruling period of the Ming Dynasty, guards the area raging from the prairie in China’s northern frontier to Santunying of Jizhou Town in interior lands. With a geographical location if of historical significance, it used to be an important military stronghold. The majestic and spectacular mountain pass, with fluctuating ridges and peaks on both sides and the great walls zigzagging straight down to here, has a grand territory and a momentum of “If one man guards the gate, even a force of ten thousand men can not pass”. According to the historical records, it was reinforced several times. After two battles with the Mongolian army led by Duoyan, our national hero Qie Jiguang led his men to rebuild the Qingshanguan Great Wall, the layout of which has remained until now.

The first thing you can see on the key roads, which connect the areas inside and outside the pass, is the site of the frontier pass ruins. On the site, there are three walls, the pass gate for land transportation, and the water gate for water transfer. Connecting the southern and northern parts of the Great Wall, the frontier pass used to be garrisoned by a large number of soldiers.

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