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Tangshan Ancient Great Walls

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Tangshan great walls stretch about 220 km long. With 29 famous and narrow passes, the meandering Tangshan great walls are highlights of great walls of the Ming Dynasty. The charms of Tangshan great walls, such as the Great Wall of Jiufeng Mountain in Zunhua City, the Underwater Great Wall in Panjiakou of Qianxi County, the Marble Great Wall in Qian’an City, Qingshanguan Mountain Pass, Xifengkou Pass, Lengkouguan Pass, Jail Tower, 72-quan Tower (all the 72 tops of windows, doors, furniture and others are in the shape of arch), Water Gate, Brick Kiln for Great Walls and the Stables, have wider influences both at home and abroad in recent years.     

The Great Wall of Jiufeng Mountain, a typical jerry-built project, is less than 1-zhang (1 zhang is about 3.33 m) high and less than 3-chi (1 chi is about 33.3 cm) wide, since the corruptive officials responsible for the construction of great wall reduced the cost of labor and materials. The Qingshanguan Mountain Pass, exquisitely wrought in the reining years of Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, is of ancient beauty and has a height of 1.4 zhang and a circumference of 66.9 zhang. The 72-quan Tower of unique form is made of 72 big and small arches. Though flushed by winds, rains and even mountain torrents in the past several hundred years, the arched Water Gate, made of blue bricks, is still in good condition. Zuo San Brick Kiln, named after the characters “Zuosan” on the bricks, was the first Brick Kiln for Great Walls discovered in 1985 in Daling Mountain Village of Qianxi County. Through the wider digging, seven old brick kilns for great walls were found here in 1993. As the existing largest well-preserved brick production base, it solves the mystery of the source of great wall bricks. The Marble Great Wall of Qian’an City is about 1.5 km long, 10 m high and 5 m wide. Most bases of its walls and watch towers are made of marble, so it’s a very part of the Great Wall. Xifengkou Pass, originally named Songtingguan Pass, is a well known ancient battlefield. The Song of Knife, created by the famous 29th division resisting the Japanese aggression here, has enriched the charms of Xifengkou Great Wall.

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