Ten Thousand Buddha Park

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The mere mentioning of the name, Ten Thousand Buddha Park, can already trigger the curiosity of people. What is it with this tourist attraction which makes a lot of people want to see it with their own eyes? 
It does not matter if one is a follower of Buddha’s teachings or not, seeing the surroundings of this place will render anyone speechless. Walking around this place will make it very tempting to start counting all the Buddha statues which are exhibited in every corner. However, this can be a very serious mistake because it will ruin the fun of exploring the entirety of the Ten Thousand Buddha Park. This is recognized as the location with the most number of displayed Buddha images within Hebei Province. 

Things to Do

Unique Buddha Grottos

The Ten Thousand Buddha Park is an exhibit of the most number of grottos which are clustered in one place. The best part is that the construction and layout of these grottos are intricately done too. There are Buddha statues which are placed against the wall of a cliff which is 420 meters long and 40 meters high. To make the design even more intricate, the grotto is placed on top of each other, such that layers of grottos are formed along the wall. According to records, the most number of grottos which are placed within a layer has 13 tiers. 
According to a recovered tablet, the number of Buddha statues which can be seen on this wall is much more when it was initially built. Records show that the construction of the Buddha-adorned wall initially surmounted to more than 17,000. Apparently, the original count was much higher than what this place’s name claims. Unfortunately, the destruction of the big part of this attraction happened in 1935. This was made due to the construction of the Chuanshan Road. Though that was a heart-breaking moment, especially for those who are devout, the government has now officially recognized the importance of this place. Hence, it gets better protection and preservation. 


Despite the changes which occurred since its first construction, Ten Thousand Buddha Park still remains as an astounding place to visit. All in all, there are more than 400 shrines and grottos. There is also more than 7,000 statues of Buddha all over the place. 

Grotto Exploration

The main section of the Ten Thousand Buddha Park or the Thousand-Buddha Cliff is divided into two parts—the north section and the south section. Each side offers a different kind of experience because of the varying aesthetics and design of the grottos which can be seen. For the northern part of the Ten Thousand Buddha Park, among the more popular grottos are the Three Buddha Bodies Shrines, the Maitreya Buddha Grotto, Three World Buddhas (Amida Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha and Bhaisajyaguru Buddha) Grotto, the Vairocana Buddha Shrine and the Hiding Buddha Cave of the Qing Dynasty. Of course, the northern section also has several grottos to boast about such as the Lotus Cave, Big Buddha Cave, the Thousand-Buddha Cave, the Sakyamuni Cave, the Sleeping Buddha Cave and the Multi Treasures Buddha Cave. 
A visit to the Ten Thousand Buddha Park is something that will not only satisfy the eyes. It also gives visitors a feeling that even their souls were enriched. Take note that it is not just the people who are devout to Buddhism who would enjoy a trip to this attraction. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


West of Yuanbao Mountain, Eastern Qing Tomb, Zunhua City, Hebei Province.

How to Get There?

Bus Route No.2, 71, 210, 366, 678, 996, Yuntong 103 to Haihutun

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:
8:30 to 17:00

More Tips:

Pick the months when the sun is shining most of the day because a trip to this place entails outdoor exploration.

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