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White Sheep Valley

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Planning to see the magnificence of the Great Wall but does not know where to start? Indeed, the Great Wall has really made a mark when it comes to history and tourism. For people who would like to witness its immeasurable beauty, then a trip to White Sheep Valley would be the perfect solution. 
The White Sheep Valley is also called as the Baiyangyu, which is the direct translation to the native tongue. Aside from the place, the river which crosses this area from the north down to the southern part is also called as the Baiyang River. 
For tourists who intend to see the White Sheep Valley, they need to understand that this section is just a fraction of the Great Wall. Since this wall extends to such a long path, one of its segments can be found in this location. 

Things to Do 

Tourists who go to White Sheep Valley are primarily interested in checking out the Great Wall. This spot is only about 250 kilometers from Beijing so it is easily accessible by private vehicle or public means of transportation. 
Water passes through the wall. This now also serves as a demarcation line which sets the wall’s eastern and western sections. The section of the Great Wall which is seen in White Sheep Valley was recorded to have been built during the Northern Qi Dynasty. However, there were further reinforcement and reconstruction that were done during the Ming Dynasty. The people who did the improvements were under the command of Qi Juguang. 
Today, the section of the Great Wall in White Sheep Valley is obviously well-maintained. The population of people who go to this place to be able to see the Great Wall is no joke. The good thing is that the place is carefully taken cared of by the locals and the government so its original appeal is preserved. 

Features of the Wall

Since the Great Wall runs a good distance, each section has distinct characteristics too. It can not be assumed that once a particular segment has already been seen, it already means that the entirety of the wall is just the same. 
In the case of White Sheep Valley, the section of the Great Wall in this area has unique features too. That is why, this part is distinctive from any other part of the wall. 
The wall which lands in Bauyangyu sums up to 4,552 meters long. The entire stretch also has 21 guide towers. It is also quite interesting that the aesthetics of the wall is very different from the rest. There is a section which is about 1.5 kilometers long that is made of marble. This is also the portion where the Shenwei Tower can be seen. This is called as the Powerful Tower. It is the only one which is constructed on the outer part of the wall, making it different from the rest of the towers. 

Amazing Outdoors

For people who are visiting the White Sheep Valley, the adventure does not stop once they have seen the Great Wall’s section. The surrounding area of this place has a quintessential look and the locals have built a charming village. People can stay within the village and be able to experience the calming atmosphere of this place. 
The horizon also offers a splendid view because the rice terraces can be seen. These terraces intertwine with the graceful slopes of the mountain. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is within the administration of Dacuizhuang Town of Qian’an County in Tangshan City, Hebei Province.

How to Get There?

Take the busses from downtown area of Beijing.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:30 to 17:00

More Tips:

Visit the White Sheep Valley during the summer or autumn months to be able to enjoy the scenic view.

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