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Tangshan Travel Guide

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Tangshan Overview

Situated in the central section of circum-Bohai Bay region, Tangshan, Hebei is an important coastal city with a history of about one hundred years and the name of “The Treasured Land to the East of Beijing”. Tangshan City has created China’s first modern coal mine, standard gauge railway, steam locomotive, bag of cement, sanitary ceramic product, and thus got the fame of “The Cradle of Chinese Modern Industry”. Tangshan attracted the attention of the world by its suffering of the tragic earthquake in 1976 and its new rising. In the following ten years, Tangshan people had rebuilt a new dynamic city from the ruins. In 1990, Tangshan City was granted the Habitat Scroll of Honor Award by the United Nations.

With comprehensive geomorphologic types, special local history and culture, Tanshan, by the mountains and on the sea, has a lot of unique tourist resources. In the north, along the ancient great walls, you can enjoy the primitive appearance of the highlights of magical Ming Great Walls, such as the underwater great walls in Qianxi, the marble great walls in Qian’an, the brick great walls of Jiu Feng Mountain, Zuo San Brick Kiln for Great Walls, Xifeng Peak, and Qingshanguan Mountain Pass. Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty are China’s existing largest imperial tombs with the most complete architectural system. In the south, along the coast, you can enjoy the breathtaking seaside and island scenery. With clean water, soft sand and peaceful tide, it’s an exciting summer resort to relax. Tangshan abounds in cultural and popular science tourism resources, such as sites of earthquake ruins, earthquake monument, earthquake museums as well as steam locomotive production lines, ceramic assembly lines and Kai Luan coal mines.  From the former, you can feel the enormous strength of nature and the courage of people to rebuild homeland. From the latter, you can know more about China’s modern industrial civilization.

With rich cultural backgrounds, Tangshan City is a remarkable place with many outstanding people. Tangshan is the origin of Chinese Ping Opera and many literary quotations. With wide influences both at home and abroad, Ping Opera, Shadow Play and Leting Drums of Tangshan have the fame of “Three Flowers in the East of Guizhou Province”. As China’s largest imperial tombs with the most complete building system, Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty have been included on the List of World Heritages. Tangshan has a lot of human and natural tourist attractions, such as great wall passes, Jingzhong Mountain, Puti Island, Gold and Silver River Bank, Home of Li Dazhao and his museum. Besides, Tangshan diet belongs to the system of Jingdong (in the east of Guizhou Province) cuisine and has such well-known local specialties as honey crispy candy, chess piece sesame seed cake, Wanlixiang (good smell) braised chicken.