Dadiwan Site

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With an area of 320,000 sq. meters, Dadiwan Site is a New Stone Age that dates back 7,800 to 4,800 years, displaying the culture of nearly 3,000 years, which is very rare in the archeological history in China.

The houses of the early period in Dadiwan Site are mainly half-crypt that assume a round shape with a diameter of 2-3 meters and a fire pit in the middle of the room. The houses in the middle period mainly remained half-crypt structures with enlarged areas. However, people began to build houses on the ground. Processed stones are used to pave the ground, and cement was used to fill in the gaps between the stones. The late-period houses were mainly built on the ground, and there appeared high and grand palaces then.

The cultural relics unearthed in Dadiwan Site include the simple chipped stone tools, cut and polished tools, more specialized and polished implements, and colored pottery ware, such as jars, pots, bottles, cups and wine vessels.

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Tourists can take the special tourist buses running between the city center and the site.

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